Individual Meetings

Individual Meetings

In these encounters you will find your Well-Being; it is a well-being that fills you, as it expands mentally, emotionally and physically (and spiritually!). During the sessions we will work in full respect of your Being, on physical, emotional / mental discomfort; you will be guided and supported along the path to unlock and release / transform what you no longer need, what creates anxiety, what weighs you down, situations that are difficult for you. Each meeting will bring you well-being, awareness and will help you see more clearly inside your heart, learn to listen to it, and to follow it. You will finally feel good, of a goodness that comes from within! The focus of this work is to support you find your strengths and be empowered so you can live according to your purpose, express who you are, and live a life that is meaningful and follows your true Self.


Tanny has actually changed my life for the better; although I had no idea how anyone could help me – since my problems were and still are of the “ medical ” type – I had given up on doctors, assuming that my condition would not improve. Working with her my life has improved as…

Colin G.

I am so happy to have found Gaetana, she is a wonderful practitioner, attentive and with a lot of experience and ability. She has shown such care and integrity in the journey of a member of my family, helping him out of a very dark place, into a life full of potential. Gaetana’s work with…

Jo H. – EFT practitioner

Hi, my name is Stefano and I am 50 years old, you will think that at this age one has already acquired enough experience to have ready answers to life events, wrong! Many doubts and knots must be resolved, I am grateful for having had for the curiosity and the desire to improve, and having…

Stefano C. – Municipal Employee