Advanced Kinesiology – Metakinetics

Advanced Kinesiology – Metakinetics

Kinesiology allows us to obtain very deep and complete information, extremely useful during both the research and transformational process. META-Kinetics helps us to determine which mental programs, beliefs, reaction patterns are present, influencing our life in an unbalanced and unhealthy way. Once these programs have been identified, it will then be possible to treat them to free us from their blocks and conditioning. This technique is based on the fact that our body maintains and stores at an unconscious level all the data that contribute, in this case, to the development of a specific unhealthy pattern. Most discomforts are the result of a set of limiting behaviors / beliefs that work more or less subtly in our unconscious mind.

This means that very often we are not aware of them. So how do we get to find them? The great advantage of kinesiology is that we are able to obtain this information by asking the body directly (by testing the strength of a specific muscle); in this way, we “bypass” our mind – which is the component that usually deceives us. What I use is META-Kinetics: a very advanced form of kinesiology. It is the synthesis of META-Medicine/META-health and Cyberkinetics. META-Medicine is a philosophy, a method for determining how we react and respond to stressful events and how the human being is a unity of mind-body-spirit within the social sphere. Cyberkinetics is an advanced form of kinesiology that works with the body as a bio-computer. Their union gives rise to META-Kinetics , allowing a complete analysis of META-Medicine using muscle testing to access information from the sub-conscious.

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Tanny has actually changed my life for the better; although I had no idea how anyone could help me – since my problems were and still are of the “ medical ” type – I had given up on doctors, assuming that my condition would not improve. Working with her my life has improved as I worry less, I have taken a little more control of my life and my self-esteem has increased. I would show up at every session feeling a little down, but I always went out with a high energy and to this day, even if I don’t understand ‘how’, I finally know a feeling of ‘well-being.
Tanny listens, she encourages you to get to the root of a problem you didn’t know existed. It explains how the mind affects the body, and more, and even though I still don’t understand how this “healing” happens … I have to believe the facts. Now I miss not having her near, for me and for other people close to me that I know, it would benefit from her and her apparently magical but also clearly scientific gifts.
You won’t know that Tanny could change your life for the better until you spend some time with her and I’m sure she will.

Colin G.

Hi, my name is Stefano and I am 50 years old, you will think that at this age one has already acquired enough experience to have ready answers to life events, wrong!
Many doubts and knots must be resolved, I am grateful for having had for the curiosity and the desire to improve, and having crossed my path with that of TANNY, “which I consider as a sister”.
Thanks TANNY for your teachings on EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Meta Medicine techniques and for the sense of harmony and trust that you emanate, thanks to you, I have discovered a new way of seeing things and receiving answers.

Stefano C. – Municipal Employee

I am so happy to have found Gaetana, she is a wonderful practitioner, attentive and with a lot of experience and ability. She has shown such care and integrity in the journey of a member of my family, helping him out of a very dark place, into a life full of potential. Gaetana’s work with my relative created a big change in his perceptions. I am amazed at how quickly things have started to improve.

Jo H. – EFT practitioner

Tanny ha effettivamente cambiato la mia vita in meglio, anche se non avevo idea di come qualcuno potesse aiutarmi – dato che i miei problemi erano e sono tuttora di tipo “medico”. Avevo rinunciato ai medici, presumendo che le mie condizioni non sarebbero migliorate. Lavorando con lei la mia vita è migliorata in quanto mi preoccupo di meno, ho preso un po’ più di controllo della mia vita e la mia autostima è aumentata. Mi presentavo ad ogni incontro sentendomi un po’ giù, ma sono sempre uscita con un’energia alta e fino ad oggi, anche se non capisco come, finalmente conosco una sensazione di benessere.

Tanny ascolta, ti incoraggia ad andare alla radice di un problema che non sapevi esistesse. Spiega come la mente influenza il corpo, e molto di più. E anche se ancora non capisco come questa “guarigione” avviene, devo credere ai fatti. Ora mi manca il non averla vicino, per me e per altre persone vicino a me che so, trarrebbe beneficio da lei e dai suoi doni apparentemente magici ma anche chiaramente scientifici.

Non saprai che Tanny potrebbe cambiare la tua vita in meglio, finché non passerai un po’ di tempo con lei.

Danila C. – Operatrice Ayurvedica

My meeting with Gaetana was of great importance … through the work I did with her I saw my wounds and at least managed to caress them. There were times when the feelings that awakened were very strong, but she was able to guide me so to not escape from them and work through them.
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Piermatteo Z. – Holistic Operator

In Gaetana I found a true friend, a true holistic professional; with Love she took care of me with all my weaknesses and defects in the full acceptance of my person! Thank you so much, you are special.

Sabina S. – Naturopath