Why We Remain Stuck in The Same Situations?

Why We Remain Stuck in The Same Situations?

This title may seem strange, what I mean by this post has to do with the fact that even if we know a few things about the reasons or how our problems manifest, we can’t change them, but we continue to stagnate inside of the same patterns.

I give a couple of examples:
🔵 I know my gastritis is related to the fact that I can’t stand and can’t cope when everyone asks me to do things for them
🔵 I know that the idea of having to be the good daughter comes from my family situation, in which I wanted to be appreciated and then I did everything my parents expected of me.

OK. I know these things, or rather my mind knows them. But then why I CANNOT (or couldn’t) GET OUT of those thoughts and the behaviors and emotions associated with them. WHY?

Because to have the real transformation take place, the one that eradicates the patterns of behavior and thought that limit us, it is not enough to KNOW in the MIND, but it is necessary to FEEL and TRANSFORM into the BODY. It is necessary to access the information that is memorized and stored at the body and cellular level, because it is there that the emotions, the unexpressed sensations are crystallized. And until we don’t reach that level, the transformation will only be partial.

Our body is our memory, and when we go there, when we allow the hidden sensations to flow smoothly, then we are truly FREE.
It is not an easy process, because we are very used to being in our head, and we are a little anesthetized by feeling, and this is normal; however, I think it is useful to return to being WHOLE, to regain possession of the information, awareness and wisdom of our body.

If you want you can start very simply. During the day STOP for about twenty seconds, close your eyes and try to FEEL some sensations in your body. Everything is fine, there is no right or wrong. And even if you don’t feel anything, you are still creating the space for that experience, you are slowly shortening the space between not feeling and feeling.