Dear You, who is taking time to read …

This post was born from a moment of difficulty, like a drive to share what from inside my heart, soul, being, body pushes to go out.

It is the recognition that life is sometimes hard, indeed very hard, it brings us experiences that we would never have chosen; our body feels pain, not only physical but emotional pain that seems to tear our flesh. A pain that sits so deep inside us that we can hardly distinguish where we are, who we are – and one of the things that seems tougher … is that there is nothing we can do about it … some things just are. Some things happen, some choices have to be made, and it hurts, it hurts so much. Our heart is born full of hope and trust, then over time it often turns gray, it forgets.

Initially our Soul speaks to us, but over time we stop listening to it, because it has a thin voice; we begin to pay attention to the obsessive words of our mind, we get lost and forget who we are, we forget why we are here, we forget that life is a special and magical place, we forget that we deserve to be happy, we forget that we love beyond measure and that our heart is big, indeed Infinite, we forget that we are stronger than we think, we forget that it’s okay to just be us,

we forget that the Light exists and that we are the Light.

One of the difficult things for me when I meet people is to recognize that they have forgotten …..

and I feel a push that leads me to continue doing what I do, to try as best as I can, to offer a space, a place where people can understand and recognize, remember how beautiful, magical, how precious they are.