The Main Inner Conflicts We Can Be Experiencing

The Main Inner Conflicts We Can Be Experiencing

I would like to share with you a simple scheme that will help you understand bit more your health condition.

From the META point of view each symptom (or sign) has a specific meaning. It is our body that is re-acting to stimuli or triggers.

We can divide issues into 4 main groups, linked to the main 4 conflicts we experience during our daily life. These are

Lets make an example for each bearing in mind that our bodily responses are very intelligent and meaningful.

SURVIVAL: one element we need to survive is water. If we experience a conflict were we feel abandoned, completely isolated and we are fearing for our survival, our body will (intelligently) react thinking it needs to cope on its own. In order to do that it will hold on to one thing that is absolutely fundamental for our survival: water. It will start holding on to water, collecting, keeping, retaining fluids, hence conditions of water retention and issues with kidney collecting tubules.

PROTECTION: if a mum experiences a big sense of worry for her child, what might be the organ that will react? What is the specific organ that mums use to protect and nurture their child? It is the breast gland, so in that case, that woman might experiences alterations (cyst, swelling, pain) on her breast (it will be one breast and not the other, as explained when discussing the DOMINANT & NON-dominant side, BELOW).

SELF-WORTH: this is about being/feeling able to do things. What we use for ”doing things” are our muscles, bones, tendons, all the organs/tissues that help us perform our tasks. So whenever we experience an issue were we feel unable, not worthy at doing something, a part of our body will react. The body location is useful: if it is our foot, for example, it might be linked to “moving forwards – finding direction”, if it is our shoulder it could be about “bearing a weight – keeping a relationship – embracing”, if it is about the neck it is about “injustice”, and so on.

TERRITORY and SOCIAL INTERACTIONS: this is all about our interaction with others. Let’s think from a biological point of view: how do animals mark their territory? I will leave the answer to you (  ), just tell you that for us humans it is linked to cystitis (so when we feel our territory has been invaded, or we can’t mark our territory, our bladder with react). When dealing with social interactions it is mostly about connection and separation: what is the main organ/tissue we use to connect? It is the skin, se when we feel separated, disconnected from someone or something, we will have skin issues leading to rash, eczema, psoriasis, ect.


One more useful bit is on which side of the body does the issue occur; this feeds into the concept of DOMINANT and NON-DOMINANT SIDE (which is different from being right or left handed, and also different from the Chinese Yang and Yin). To know which one is your Dominant side, you just need to put your hands on our knees and clap as if you were clapping for something you really like. The hand that sits on top, represents your Dominant side. When we experience health conditions (ex. eczema, musculoskeletal pain, etc. ) on the dominant side, it will be related to figures like father, partner, boss, colleagues at work, peers. When the issue is on the non-dominant side it is referred to mother, child, pets, nurturing relationships.

All these informations can help us understand what is creating a specific stress in our life and generates awareness into our health and life.