Physical Pain: Let's explore it from within

Physical Pain: Let's explore it from within

Here I am with a practical tip that aims to start seeing and get in touch with physical pain in a way that is probably very different from what you are used to.

Very often when we have back pain, stomach pain, neck pain, or any other physical pain, we are frustrated, a little angry and that part of the body “is a little unpleasant. ” and sometimes we don’t like it so much.

Why doesn’t this help us? First of all because if we are “angry” with the part of our body that is hurting, we carry an energy that is of separation, we are not in acceptance; and as long as we are in that perspective it will be difficult to solve the problem; the first step towards healing (physical, emotional, mental) is the acceptance of the situation. Even if it seems difficult.

Now I’ll explain a simple and curious way that will lead you to see your dis-ease really from a different point of view.

We will take a journey inside your body to get to your pain.

Imagine becoming an explorer, become small, small, if you want even tiny, imagine yourself as you prefer, you can have a torch, a helmet, or you can simply be as you are, with the curiosity to explore.

Find a way to get inside your body and travel to get to the point of pain.

When you have arrived, start looking around. This process, together with the questions I suggest below, requires time, listening, not being in a hurry with listening and being present; do it one question at a time and stop, listen, feel, breathe, really make contact. Then move on to the next question.

Here are the questions (of course you can add more that resonate with you).

How is the environment?

What do you see?

What colors are there?

What are your feelings?

Start talking to that part where you are.

Ask that part how it is.

Why is it how it is?

How many things has that part endured in this life?

What does it need?

What could you do for it?

Are you able to welcome it?

Can you thank her for everything it has done for you?

Does that part have something to tell you? … Listen well….

With this process you are bringing awareness to yourself, you are honoring the part of your body, starting to feel its message, and welcoming it, you are helping it to heal.