It Is Time For Your Light To Shine

It Is Time For Your Light To Shine

In the multitude of little daily things to do,

in the chaos of thoughts that fill and sometimes confuse the mind, among the smiles of friends,

the thousand daily worries,

between chats with loved ones,

fears for the future,

hugs of special souls,

old feelings that make themselves felt,

dreams for the future,

memories of past moments,

hopes for the days to come,

watching the passage of time,

imagining tomorrow,

greeting a person,

crying for pain,

opening your heart to Love.

Difficult and very important days for me, a full moon that brought to the surface ancient patterns and memories, moments of profound encounter that gave the possibility to old patterns to disappear and opened portals to new realities and possibilities.

The light made it possible to bring the underlying darkness to the surface and transform it, dissolve it, leaving space and creating possibilities.