E.F.T. Mentoring

E.F.T. Mentoring

I would like to offer mentoring for EFT enthusiasts who are willing to evolve with this amazing technique. These mentorings are for us to get together, exchange ideas, ask questions, confront each other, evolve. Of course I will be leading the group but I believe there is so much richness in every one and so much we can learn from each other !!!!

I would like to see these gatherings as EFT “circles”, where kindred souls come together, each bringing its own magical and unique gift.

During the supervisions we will address the issues, doubts you bring into the “circle”, we might do bit of tapping to help along with the presenting issues, we will explore, discuss, learn.

These mentoring contribute to the 6 annual mentoring hours required by EFT International for each Certified practitioner.
The mentorings will be held via zoom platform on the fourth Thursday of the month, in the odd months, lasting an hour and a half, from 11:00 to 12:30 CEST time (10:00-11.30 UK time), at a cost of 25 euros, for a maximum of 4 participants. Here below the dates:

• September 30th
• 25 November
• January 27
• 24 March

Here is my email!

See you soon for some beautiful moments of transformation together!!!!