E.F.T. Course Level 2

E.F.T. Course Level 2 (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT Level 2 is designed to provide students with a comprehensive experiential view of all basic EFT skills. It is a 12 hour course.

During this course we will cover:

  • Work on physical issues – chase the pain
  • work with metaphors
  • tearless trauma technique for trauma
  • different methods to work in very delicate ways on traumatic events
  • limiting beliefs and how to work with them
  • “touch and breathe”
  • additional points
  • introduction of positive sentences
  • finding the core issues
  • how to work if there are secondary earnings
  • how to manage ab-reactions
  • group tapping
  • EFT by phone / skype
  • what is and how to do Reframing
  • the ability to create relationships
  • EFT for children
  • Personal Peace Procedure

The course will be held via zoom platform on Fridays (4 Fridays) 6.00pm-9.15pm CEST time (with a 15 minute break) at a cost of 200 euros. The course is internationally recognized by the EFTinternational / AAMET association. Participation in level 2 is a necessary step, but not sufficient, for those wishing to become a certified practitioner.



Process for becoming a Certified Practitioner

After completing Level 2, EFTi / AAMET students have the option of obtaining the Certification. To become an EFTi/AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, you must successfully complete the following requirements:

• Pass the online exam with multiple choice questions at theEFTi/ AAMET International website.
• Send your Trainer a minimum of 4 case studies: 3 on different people, and a personal one on you. Case studies must demonstrate competent, professional application of core EFT skills acquired during Level 1 and 2 Training and post-course practice.
• In requested by your trainer, provide a demonstration (in person, or audio, or video) of an EFT session, and discuss this session with your Trainer. This session can serve as one of the case studies.
• Complete a minimum of 50 EFT sessions (or hours of practice) by working on at least 20 different people. Each session must be at least 45 minutes long.
• Complete (if necessary) additional requests that your Trainer requests from you following the guidelines of AAMET. Your Trainer / Mentor may request additional case studies, hours of practice, 1-to-1 supervision meetings to complete your assessment.
• Follow 6 hours of mentoring with you Trainer

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