E.F.T. Course Level 1

E.F.T. Course Level 1 (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is a healing technique that can relieve many physical, mental and emotional symptoms. EFT is a tool that works on the energy flowing in the energy meridians and acts by gently touching / tapping various points of the body with the fingertips. In addition to tapping, the person focuses on the issue that is creating problems, in order to involve the emotional, energetic, mental and physical components. This tapping dissolves the emotional blocks that have been created which formed stagnations in the energy that flows in the meridians; in this way, this approach frees and releases the “negative” mental, emotional and physical aspects of the issue.

During this course we will cover the following topics:
• Scientific basis and origins of EFT
• The main points and the “basic recipe”
• The importance of “testing” the results and various methods for evaluating them
• Working with the breath
• Working on emotions
• How to treat a specific memory
• What are Aspects
• The importance of being specific
• The Movie technique for small traumas
• Working on addictions
• The concept of Shared Benefits
• Introduction to working on physical problems
• The Apex effect
• The generalization effect

The course will take place on Saturday 9.30-12.45 with 15minute break, and 14.00-17.15 (CEST time) with 15 minutes break and includes course manual and material such as pdf file and pre-course videos that will be sent as preparation for the course. To complete, we will have one or more Q&A meetings to discuss and clarify aspects and to practice together.

Completing Level 1 will allow you to use EFT on yourself, friends and family; it is a prerequisite for further training in EFT and does not confer the title of Practitioner (level 2 is required for this). The cost of the course is 120 euros and will be held via Zoom platform. The basic course is recognized internationally by the EFT international / AAMET association.

Come and learn a technique that will change your life!!!


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